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There are good reasons why businesses are using professional phone recordings. Auto-attendants direct callers to the person or department they need quickly. Voicemail greetings insure no missed calls, prompting callers for callback information and on-hold messages are the marketing department's best friend!

On-Hold Messages Work In Many Ways

While a customer is waiting on-hold this is a golden opportunity to share company information about products, services, specials and more.

Not only do recorded on-hold messages provide valuable information, they are the most direct, affordable and easiest way to market to callers. When mailers or print advertising pieces are long gone and forgotten your recorded messages on-hold are still doing the marketing all day long, day to day.

If you're thinking about implementing or updating these kinds of recordings, use our CHECKLIST for suggestions of what to include in on-hold messages.

There is also the option of music on-hold to assure callers that their call is important and you'll be with them as quickly as possible. These recordings are primarily music with a brief recording of the company name and thank you for holding messages interspersed throughout.

Auto Attendant Recordings

KM Productions can be nimble producing phone recordings in one business day if needed. This gets businesses up and running quickly with their auto-attendants, voicemail greetings, main directories, sub-menus, transfer messages, phone prompts and IVR's. The professional sounding business recordings connect callers quickly and efficiently to the appropriate department or prompt them to leave a message.

How To Get Started

Check out the Services page for more info. Or if you're ready to go, call or email with details about the recordings you're interested in.

Our Commitment to Helping You Succeed

Customized on-hold messages, music on-hold, auto-attendants and voicemail recordings are receptionists, technical support, sales reps, marketing teams and customer service agents all rolled into one. These recordings reinforce branding, inform callers about a company's expertise and products and help to build trust. Every business has a message...sometimes a number of them! Get started by calling or emailing today for more information or a quote.

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